So, I had a few random pictures I wanted to share with my corner of the blogosphere and I realized the common thing among them was the ever-elusive spring.

It seems to me that spring is coming more slowly than usual to the upper valley. Maybe I was just fooled by last year's mild, short winter. Regardless, I am ready for some warmer weather and no snow flurries (like yesterday).

As I was exchanging some winter sweaters for t-shirts, Mo decided he would inspect my drawer. Just to make sure it was ready for my spring things. He loves crawling in any sort of enclosure-- bags, small closets, drawers.

Spring hasn't fully sprung in the upper valley, but my tiny sprouts are a welcome sight.

And even though spring isn't in the upper valley, it has hit Boston. Here's a pretty forsythia bush in Dave's neighbor's yard. There are also blooms on trees! So amazing! :)

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