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Kitt Peak, Tucson, AZ!

I'm out observing again. It's been great weather and even though I'm mostly awake at night, I've enjoyed the beautiful late afternoon sun of 31 degrees latitude.

When I come to Kitt Peak, I have to do a total change in schedule. I'm mostly isolated and only see engineers and other astronomers. I am always guaranteed some awkward interactions when I'm here. Let me tell you about my "days" at Kitt Peak right now.

2pm - Wake up, eat breakfast
2:30 - do yoga. I've found that yoga is a great way to exercise up here. I've tried to run, but the change in altitude (6000 ft here) and hilly terrain make my already pathetic running skills just embarrassing. So yoga is great.
3:15 pm - Free time/prep time. I usually use this time to walk around or just relax
5:15 pm - Dinner time. Oh, the KP cafeteria is the breeding ground for awkward conversations/silences. I love the caf, but sometimes it's like being back in middle school looking for a lunch table.
7:10 pm - Sunset and the beginning of my work night. After this, I just point the telescope at the objects that I'm interested in and work work work.
Midnight - Ah, time for night lunch. I take a small break to make myself some grub.
5:30 am - Sunrise. I close down the telescope and go to bed.

Then repeat this over 10 days. Very exciting, I know. :)

Here's a pretty pic of the telescopes at the top of the mountain.

I call this one Self Portrait #3.I made a little trip to the gift shop yesterday and couldn't refuse this uber-nerdy purple hoodie!

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J Stu said...

As the Kitt Peak Turns: The CV Chronicles - Season V. coming straight to video at a store near you.

we'll both be working during the same hours while you're there :)