Some great outfits

There are definitely some great outfits on the Jess LC design your look challenge website. Here are some of my faves.
Credit to Kelly M., Heather B, Diane C, Anna May, & Lakin M (see their links at the voting website)

I think I just love the overall look of this one. I probably wouldn't go for the wedge heels, but like the dress and belt a lot.

I'm not for the bowtie, but I love that someone added a bicycle as an accessory.

I feel like this outfit is so wearable. Especially when you work in a super casual place like I do. Astronomers are casual to a fault.

Love the boat shoes! I love the leftmost column this picture. I've been wanting to revisit the one-piece swimsuit with all the really cute ones that they have J. Crew and elsewhere these days. Does anyone have any opinion of the slightly vintage looking one-piece trend?

In any case, looking at all these spring outfits has made me want to spring to be here in NH/VT even more. Hopefully we get some more beautiful days very soon!!

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