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Top 5 most annoying things about living in Vichy
1. Ali: This is probably going to sound very rude, but there's a man that goes to school with us and lives in the same dorm that is incredibly annoying. He is harmless, but the cultural divide between American women and Pakistani men combined with personality conflicts can make for a very interesting conversation. He has been so condescending to us, but I think that he finally understands that we just don't want to talk to him anymore.
2. Dog poop on all the sidewalks: Apparently, the French don't really care if their dog poops on the sidewalk. You have to be very careful where you step.
3. Everything closes at 8 and is not open between 12 and 2. That's not too bad, but it take some getting used to.
4. Being in French class for 4 hrs. and 45 min. most days. Monday mornings we start late and we don't have class on Wednesday afternoon. We're in class for 3 hrs. and 15 min. in the mornings and I think that in America they would teach us the same amount in about an hour.
5. Rain: Normally, I'm not opposed to the rain, but when you have to walk everywhere, it can get annoying. I think it has rained everyday except one while I've been here.

OK, now i'm done complaining. Time for the good things.

Top 5 great things about being in Vichy
1. I'm in France. I really do love French culture. Even though it's inconvenient for things to close early, I'm really glad that French people love their leisure time and wouldn't give it up to make some more money.
2. There are pastries every two feet. Just picture walking down the streets of Seattle and imagine how many Starbucks you will see. Now, just change that to France and bakeries (Boulangeries). You get the idea. ;)
3. The people I have met from OU and other places are amazing. I would not be able to make it without them! New friends are great!
4. Being able to communicate with people from Korea, Japan, Brazil, Viet Nam, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany etc. etc. The language school here is truly international and it's great to hear about everyone's country.
5. Europeans know how to conserve everything....space, resources....it's crazy. I love being part of a culture that is not focused on consuming at a ridiculous rate.

Blogger is being stupid and won't let me upload photos, so I'll have to do it next time. :(
Stay tuned.

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