Food & St. Tropez & Food in St. Tropez

We went to St. Tropez this weekend and it was soooooo nice. None of us wanted to go back to Vichy. :) Mostly, we don't want to go back to class. Oh well...Here are some pics.

This is one of the many pastry and bread shops that are everywhere. mmmm....so good
This is me at the port at St. Tropez. We spent the whole day on the beach and it was awesome.
We took a boat from Ste. Maxime to St. Tropez (they're just across the bay from each other) and this is me on the boat. The water was so amazingly blue.
This is where we spent the day. A restaurant rented umbrellas and chairs and so we all got chairs. Then, when we were hungry, we went up to the restaurant and had some food. 'Twas awesome.
This was my yummy Cannelloni that I had at the restaurant on the beach. These pics are just for you, Mikki!


J Stu said...

Food looks scrumptuous, no? I'm sure going to class is such a drag...you poor things...

Cool shades too.

Anonymous said...

I'm with John--I want a pair of shades like those!