So, let me just say that I loved my weekend in Paris. Again, I did not want to come back to Vichy. We decided today that Vichy:France as Stillwater:Oklahoma. Pretty profound, eh? I'm glad there are lots of people for me to hang out with or else I would be pretty bored. Paris, however, was not boring. Here are some pics:

Metro stop. I thought it was cute.
The Louvre. We didn't go in, but it was cool from the outside.
This was the bowl of coffee I was served at a cafe when I didn't specify what size I wanted. Always specify the size.....
If you don't do anything else in Paris, go to the Opera Garnier. It is so beautiful. This is a hall in the building.
This is the Sacre Coeur. It's pretty cool. If you had to miss something, this would be it. ;)
The girls and I at a cafe near the Eiffel Tower. How amazing! We had rude waiter #1 at this restaurant.
We were kinda bummed that it started raining when we were at the Eiffel Tower, but once it stopped and this double rainbow appeared, we weren't complaining. It was so beautiful.
This needs a little cropping, but I think it's great. This is from our boat on the Seine.
C'est moi! This was my pic of me at the Palais Royale. The trees are cut so cute.
Notre Dame et moi.

Paris is amazing. Anytime anyone wants to go, just call me. :)


Anonymous said...

You're looking very French with the scarf and sunglasses!


Anonymous said...

Population figures:

1999) 26,528 Vichy
(year 2000): 10,850 Hanover

J Stu said...

Indeed, the scarf wearing is a nice touch, but perhaps you could find one in OSU orange to complete the comparison...

Nice inclusion of the penny for scale comparison on the bowl-of-coffee shot, and quite delightful framing on the eiffel tower/france flag shot.