Hello world!
Just a little update. I've left Vichy and was in the SW part of France for a few days with a friend. It was lots of fun. It is truly wine country. There were vineyards everywhere! Here are some pics from the trip:

The Bordeaux train station.
Pretty cool tower thing...don't know what it's called
Me with Bordeaux! I look superimposed in this pic. It's weird.
Aida and I outside the Bordeaux Opera house.
Cool spiral staircase in the Opera.
Castillon. This is the village where I stayed.
Gustave Eiffel designed this bridge in Castillon. pretty cool.
Me being a stereotypical French person at the super cool market in Castillon. :)
St. Emilion and some vineyards.
St. Emilion: the medieval village.

So....Right now I'm in Paris again and will leave for Rome next Saturday. I'm excited, but really really sad about leaving France. A month+ is definitely enough time to get used to a place. But...it will be nice to be home again. France just needs to become my home. :) Anyway...Stay tuned for exciting pictures and new visitors. ;)

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J Stu said...

who could these new cast members be? im so curious and anticipatory...