Paris again. :)

Here are some more pics from Paris. I've been having a splendid time here and will be here for another few days before heading to Rome. I'm about to go pick up my mom from the airport, so hopefully that will go smoothly. :)
Non-blurry picture of me in front of the Eiffel Tower. yay!
Part of a sculpture in the Pantheon sporting the motto of my soon-to-be home in New Hampshire. Live free or die.
Frederic Chopin's grave. I decided to post this picture because while we were there we ran into some American tourists. The daughter was reading aloud from her Rick Steves' guidebook about Chopin's grave, but had to stop to ask her mom how the name was pronounced. We all walked away in shame. I was especially sad.
La Bastille. This was very interesting. We were just walking and realized we were near the Bastille and so we decided to stop by. Little did we know that there was a huge LGBT party going on in the plaza. It was interesting and we stayed for a little bit. There was just a huge DJ and people dancing everywhere. I'd say it was a priceless experience. :)

Another shot of the people.


Dan & Cathy said...

Hi! You guys are so lucky! Hope your Mom got their safely! Can't wait to see some pics of your adventures together. Love, Cathy

Dan & Cathy said...

got THERE safely! (I do know the correct spelling) ;-D Cathy