Short Update :)

Well, I made it to France. It's so beautiful, which is not surprise. I love the town that I'm living with and luckily there are lots of OU kids that are really great. :) Here are some pictures from around town.

This was the view from the Gare de Lyon (train station) in Paris.
This is the timetable at Gare de Lyon.
This is my dorm room. It's so much better than the OU dorms. I even have a little burner. :)
This is the view from my dorm room. Vichy is so cute. C'est mignon.
This is the view of one of the churches in Vichy. It's really a beautiful town.
I promise to post more later!
Au Revoir!

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Mikki said...

Yaaay! Keep the pics comin'!