Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I updated. Sorry! anyway...Things are starting to wind down here at NOAO. It's crazy! I can't believe the summer just flew by! Before I know it, school will be starting! agh!!!!! anyway...I've still been having lots of fun. I went to San Diego one weekend and then this past weekend Jerod came to visit! We had so much fun. We went to dinner and a movie (btw, I would recommend Lady in the Water). We also went with some people to a cave just outside of Tucson. It was really nice because the whole cave was 70 degrees all the time. It was a nice break from the 102 Tucson weather. I've also been observing! It was so much fun! We got to observe on the 2.1 meter telescope at Kitt Peak. We all got 4 nights of observing time. I got two nights using the Infrared Imager named SQIID (pronounce: squid) and then another two night using the GoldCam Spectrograph. I really had fun using GCAM and I think I got some useful data of planetary nebulae to take back to OU. woo! We had a couple nights of clouds, but there was beautiful lightning to keep us happy. haha.
1. sunset from the 2.1 m catwalk
2. a storm about to eat the 4 m from the 2.1 m catwalk
3. me with the San Diego skyline
4. the 2.1 m telescope
5. me filling the dewar on GCAM with liquid nitrogen...yay liquid nitrogen! :)


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I always thought it was duar...

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Oops! Sorry, that was me!