Fruit of my Labor

So it's getting to be the end of the summer. It will most definitely be a bittersweet moment when I go home. I'm definitely excited to go home, but I am sad to leave my friends here in Tucson. I will also miss Tucson to an extent. Yes, it was hot, but they actually have whole foods grocery stores here. I've only been to Wal-Mart twice or something this summer. woo! It was also nice to be around so many astronomers. Everyone here is thinking astronomy and it's just cool. Well, I'm attaching a radial velocity curve. This is what I've been doing all summer. It basically plots all of the line centers of the spectral emission lines against the phase that the system is at when the spectrum was taken. This one has the sine curves for all of the lines that I dealt with this summer. It's nice and pretty! There are more of these, but they're the same idea. Hope you like it! :)


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Cool stuff! Yay for sine waves!


Mikki said...

hey sis!!!
I'm sitting at an internet cafe in London....pretty thweet. I was walking around this huuuge market today, where vendors sell homemade things, fresh veggies, ect. And I came across a cute little object that had stars on it...so I got it! Can't wait to give it to you!

Hope all is well!