Quebec, je me souviens.

With school out, I had to find some way to unwind. Sooooo....Dave and I met up with some friends in Jacques-Cartier National Park just north of Quebec City. It was absolutely beautiful! Here are some pictures.
Rendezvous #1 with our friends who were kayaking a different part of this river. This was not actually in the national park, but was a beautiful area in a "town". I don't know how these people actually get groceries without driving to Quebec City because we certainly couldn't find a grocery store or general store. Apparently, that's not a requirement for town in Canada. :)
This is on our hike in the national park along the Jacques-Cartier river.
The second day at the park, we did a 28 km canoe down the Jacques Cartier river that included 10 low class rapids. This is one of the shots I took in a flat part of the river.
For the second night of camping, we drove to a different national park and camped by a lake.
Dave and I in the old part of Quebec City. On the left is the castle overlooking the river. For the third day, instead of hiking through the woods, we hiked all over the old part of Quebec City. It was quaint, but the vendors were definitely catering to the "we want to be in Europe" tourists. It did have a European feel, though.

I thoroughly enjoyed Quebec. It was great to get to practice my French a little, as well. Quebec City is great, too, and has great access to beautiful camping. I can't wait to go back.

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