Yay for Football Season!

Well, I went to my first football game for this season and it was definitely a good one. Well, we could have played better, but we won, so it's ok. Most importantly, I had a fun time hangin' out with Randi and Mark and my mom and my family from Arizona and Chicago and pride peeps......Long story short, it was a rockin' good time. hehe...This weekend has been great, except for the lack of studying/work i've gotten done. It will be ok, though. I'll get it done. I hope everybody has a great week!
1. the glorious stadium
2. Eric and I
3. mellies are the best: Jacob, Elaine, Josh, and I
4. the fam

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you know the drummajor? He's so dreamy...you think you could introduce me?