Night #2 on Kitt Peak

Pictures! yay! Picture #1 is of the WIYN 3.5 meter telescope that we've been observing on. I think it's really nice and that even the dome is pretty stylish. hehe Picture #2 is the telescope itself. Picture #3 is sunset from the dome. Picture #4 is the detector we've been using named HYDRA. Picture #5 is a view of the peak from WIYN at sunset. It was really nice out there. Well, we're nearing the end of observing run #2. It's been going really well and tonight I got to learn how to reduce spectra from HYDRA. pretty cool...it's good for me to learn, so it's cool. ummm...so there was a request for more information on Room 27. Room 27 is the room where all of the REU students from KPNO and also NSO (National Solar Observatory) work everyday. It just has computers that we work on all day doing our projects. The whole deal with decorating it was that we thought it was pretty stark and hospital-like, so we decided we would spruce it up a bit. anyway...so that's the DL on room 27. It's our collective office. I'm starting to get pretty tired and I think I will not be making much sense if I keep writing, so I think I will try and catch my third wind. hehe

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