Trip to Oklahoma!

At the beginning of June, Dave & I went to Oklahoma to visit family & friends and to attend a shower thrown by Chris P. in our honor. It was such a fantastic time and the ladies that designed all the details for the shower did a fabulous job. CP, if you ever see this, thank you so much again for hosting!

Here are some pictures of the decorations and details. Apparently, my mom has been keeping them informed on the style/decor of the wedding because everything fit in soooo perfectly! They even sent me home with decorations and I am definitely planning on using them at the reception! Perfect!
I just adore this tablecloth (made by CP). I know it will see a lot of use in the days to come.

My mom and I with the ladies that made everything so beautiful!
Dave and his dad came to the end of the shower so they could meet everyone there. It was so great to show his parents around Norman and to have them at this special event!

There are so many pictures I would love to post, but this will have to do for now. :)

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