Well, it's been awhile, but my term is over so I finally have a little time to blog. Dave & I also managed to scrape enough time together to start a garden at the barn. Dave and Harjit (my landlord) built the lovely box that holds the garden. To the right, you'll see numerous pepper plants including green peppers and jalapenos and some okra, fennel and a couple cantaloupe plants. In front, there are zucchini and squash. On the left, we have tomatoes, broccoli & lettuce. Lastly, in the middle, there are onions, mint, basil, cilantro, rosemary, parsley & celery. mm mm...I can't wait for July!

We did have a lovely harvest of mesclun mix lettuce ready to go 2 weekends ago, so I've also attached a couple pictures of Dave & I enjoying the early harvest. Last weekend, we had more mesclun mix and the leaf lettuce was ready as well. We had so much lettuce that I took some to a friend's graduation bbq as a salad and took the rest with me to Natick where Dave & I ate delicious Vermont-grown lettuce all week. It was so yummy!

That's all for right now, but I'll post more garden pics soon. We just had a LOT of rain, so it looks so different now.

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