Homecoming Bonfire

So, basically, Dartmouth knows how to do Homecoming even if they don't know how to do football. The big event of the weekend is the bonfire (think Texas A&M style). The structure, designed by Dartmouth engineering students and built by the "11's" (aka Freshmen), appeared on the green a few days prior to lighting. So the alumni come back to Hanover to crowd the streets and shops, see the leaves turning, and go to the bonfire (and maybe the game, heh) and the students take pleasure in watching the Freshmen run laps around the bonfire, while chanting 1 of 2 things: "Worst Class Ever" or "Touch the Fire". It is a spectacle. Here are some pics from my first Dartmouth Homecoming.

Putting the final touches on the bonfire structure.
Pre-lighting ceremonies. You know, singing the alma mater and such.
Huge Fire
For some reason, organizations hang posters on the bonfire, just for burning. Ironic, eh?
It was even raining this year.
pre-collapse waning

In the end, the engineers did a pretty nice job of making the structure fall in on itself. Yay fire! :)


Laura Negus said...

So great to get an update, Jules! Glad you seem to be enjoying it!

J Stu said...

so does that mean that you and jerod had to run around the pyre also? you're kind of like freshmen...

the fire is most excellent though.