The Trek

Well, we made it into Hanover a couple days ago. It was a long long long journey, but I got to see some of the US that I had never before seen. It was an adventure of some sort, I suppose. All in all, though, I am glad to be in New Hampshizzle and I'm finally getting my apartment in some sort of order. I attempted to document the journey across half the US. The pictures are a little sketchy since they were take from the passenger seat of a budget truck, but they're here.
Photo creds must go out to my cohorts on some of these, so thanks Mom and Jerod.
A blurry view of the St. Louis arch.
On our way.
The budget truck was a little crazy at times.
somewhere in Illinois.
Indiana state line
Ohio definitely has the best state line.
Somewhere in Ohio.
Pennsylvania state line, I promise.Lake Erie somewhere in the distance.
New York state line.
Buffalo, NY
We decided to take a little side trip to Niagara Falls. It was pretty cool. I think we all regretted it just a tiny bit while we were driving on a snaky highway through Vermont in the dark, but it was fun.

Hour 2,357,899.2
So close, but first you have to shell out $30 in tolls to get through NY
New York

Vermont state line. hehrolling into Hanover.
It was a long 3 days, but it was fun in its own way. I guess.

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J Stu said...

Nice documentation. It's very cool that a Canadian city appears as an option on the road signs...

Glad you made it. Niagara Falls! Cool. Ohio's line is the best.

What's the total on gas money for the truck? Or maybe that's something you want to forget.