End of Year

So...it's been too long since I've posted. This is the quintessential story of my blogging life. I blog when I feel I have something to blog about. This time, though, I don't really have anything to blog about. This might be a bit boring. :) It's really unbelievable that I only have 11 days left in my OU career. It's quite surreal, actually. OU has been my home for many years and I love the university. The color green will never top my Sooners. Anyway...My life is going to be very different in just a few months, but I'm excited. It will be good to experience other cultures and meet new people. I will miss the old people, too, but I will see them. Just not as often. Anyway...no more blathering on. I will put up some fun, random pics.
1. me at White Sands Nat'l Park
2. Batman...I'm someone in there.
3. looking like i'm doing something productive out at Kitt Peak. In reality, I was trying to put a sign in front of the webcam at the 2.1m. It gets a little boring waiting for it to get dark in the summer in AZ. hehe
4. me and chewie back at Adams
5. Finally I can put this picture up! This is when Mikki went shopping for her dress. I had to keep it stashed away for a long time, so Joe wouldn't see. :)

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