Hello everyone!
I hope everybody had a nice holiday season and that 2007 is shaping up nicely. I just went to Seattle for the most recent installation of the American Astronomical Society meeting. Some of you may have heard about it through the popular news, but all you would have heard about is Mars. Funny how all the interesting astronomical news for the public is about the moon or mars. Why can't it ever be about cataclysmic variable stars? They're much more interesting in my opinion. :) Anyway...School is starting soon and I've inevitably found myself with nothing to do. This is partially due to the ice that is currently prohibiting my going anywhere, except for the post office. I tragically discovered yesterday that I needed to mail my officious "statement of intent" to the Ohio State astronomy department, so that I might be able to go to grad school there. It definitely made for an interesting morning. It took 20 minutes to scrape the ice off of my car and the first 5-10 minutes were spent trying to pry one of my doors open. I certainly love Penelope, but Camaros are not very good in the snow. I don't speak of the driving part, now, but the fact that the front and rear windshields are more horizontal than vertical. 'Twas truly brutal. Enough complaining....Seattle was most certainly a fun time. Here are some oh so awesome pics (again, in my opinion). Oh yes, I must mention my joy at being almost completely done with grad school apps. 8 down, 3 to go. I am ecstatic. Now for being accepted....anyway...here's some explanation of the pics.
1. Me being overly excited about my poster making it to Seattle. I was a bit paranoid.
2. The Space Needle
3. Me holding on for dear life at the front of the ferry that we took to Bainbridge Island. It was awesome, but very very windy.
4. This time from the back of the ferry. Lovely Seattle in the background.
5. My very dapper boyfriend
6. Rachel and I looking engaged in scholarly conversation. We were probably just talking about how I like the color of her poster. :) Thanks to Shaye for the pic.
7. The Kitt Peak Gang...minus Shaye (again thanks for the pic) Too bad we weren't sportin' the blue and tan
8. A serendipitous encounter with my building.
9. The infamous life size model of J-dub (JWST).

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